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Our Consumer and Shopper Engagement Team (CSE) handles over three million queries from LEGO® fans every year and we respond to consumers in over 22 different countries. From building tips and advice on the latest sets, to troubleshooting and tracking down rare parts, we cover a huge range of topics, which makes every day totally different.

They’re the first point of contact for our customers, and always meet them with a big smile and friendly tone. Every day is different in our CSE. Some days you’re tracking down an order, others you’re helping to fix Thor’s hammer after it got smashed by a cat. Thankfully, our Customer Service Advisors are the type of people who love solving all kinds of brick-based problems.

We’re growing every day, and we can’t wait to share some of our thoughts about working at the LEGO Group with you.

Blair 👋

“I was recommended by one of my friends. He keeps telling me what a great company the LEGO Group is and how fun it is to work with so many talented colleagues. You can ask anyone if you have any questions, they’re always happy to help. I couldn’t resist temptation, so here I am.”

Sonia 👋

“My favourite LEGO set will be The Roses. Simply because this was made by my daughter for Mother's Day, so it holds a lot of meaning to me and I really love it”

Guila 👋

“Working at the customer service of the LEGO Group is for me working in a fun, friendly and international environment. You can come as you are and I am sure that you will feel immediately at home. We have a lot of activities. We have Lunch and Learns, meditation sessions and we also organise team building events. We also go out for dinners or organise pub quiz or karaoke nights.”

Malik 👋

“I would say that the thing that surprised me the most when I started working at CSE is how relaxed the environment is. Everyone is super chill, there's time to have social chats, people have lunch together and honestly, I was really positively surprised by the entire culture and atmosphere”

Andrew 👋

“Customer service in the LEGO Group is fun. Our job is fun. Literally, the people we're talking with are interacting with the LEGO Group because they or someone they care about is wanting to have fun with LEGO products. We get to support that”

Pia 👋

My favourite part? It is literally talking. I can talk forever and I love it when fans reach out and talk about what they're currently building, what they want to build in the future, what are their favourite things, what is my favourite theme? They want to know. Sometimes some of those contacts are just truly, truly, truly inspiring.

Do LEGO® Sunflowers need direct sunlight? And does a LEGO® Bonsai Tree need any trimming?

If you think you can solve these problems and lots more, then come and join customer service team and work with awesome colleagues like Blair, Sonia, Guilia, Malik, Andrew, and Pia.

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