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LIVE: Behind the bricks takes you behind the scenes here at the LEGO Group. You get a backstage pass and the opportunity to hear and speak to LEGO® colleagues from across the world.

In the first 7 episodes in season one our host Jake spoke to teams about the LEGO culture, what a playful workplace actually means and he took a deep dive into specific areas to talk about innovation, technology and what it’s like to be a member of the team.

If you missed the live episodes you can watch the trailer and catch up on each of the episodes below.


Episode 1 - Additive Design & Manufacturing

Can play change the world?
What does sustainable engineering look like?
How can little bricks build big communities?

We answer some big questions here. But your first one? Well, it’s probably ‘what is Additive Design & Manufacturing (AD&M) at the LEGO Group?’.

Put simply, it’s the future. And so, so much more. In this episode our host Jake is joined by colleagues from our AD&M team in Denmark. They will discuss what Additive Manufacturing is, what applications we are working on, why we are implementing Additive Manufacturing globally and finally why this is a super exciting journey and no better time to join the team.

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Episode 2 - Mechanical Engineering

Millions of people across the globe passionately design and develop entire worlds using LEGO bricks. But behind the bricks, there’s a hugely diverse mechanical engineering team doing the very same. Their sparks of genius, creative approach and technical expertise are creating new play experiences for LEGO fans, globally.

This is your chance to see behind the scenes of Mechanical Engineering at the LEGO Group. Our work is unique. It’s massively varied. It’s changing all the time. And trust us when we say it’ll surprise you.

In this episode Jake brings together a group of our engineers to share the latest thinking and discussing the masses of career potential in different different areas of engineering from Denmark to the Czech Republic and Hungary and beyond.

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Episode 3 - eCommerce

Our global eCommerce team is an exciting place to be. We have a huge platform to build on and a loved and respected brand that’s packed with even more potential. We’re also on a journey that’s offering all sorts of eCommerce opportunities for you to make a global impact.

In this episode our awesome host, Jake Blais, is brings eCommerce colleagues together from all over the world. They answer questions, chat about big industry challenges, and sharing more about our exciting next chapter.

It’s a rare backstage pass – and your chance to discover where your talents will make the biggest impact. From product and account management to digital and performance marketing, we offer all kinds of career paths across the world.

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Episode 4 - LEGO Culture

There are lots of ways to describe what it’s like being part of the LEGO team. Because it’s a pretty special place. That’s why this episode is designed to bring it to life and show you a rare sneak peek into our colourful world.

We’ll be talking about our favourite things about working here. Like our fantastically empowering culture for starters. Just like every one of the thousands of LEGO® colleagues, our approach to leadership is unique. Everyone is heard, invested in and encouraged to be brave, curious and focused to make things even better. And the outcome? Everyone is energised, everyday.

In this episode our host Jake meets with a group of colleagues to discuss how the culture here enables them to succeed and grow together.


Episode 5 - Creative Play Lab

From Creative Technologists to Game, UX and Interaction Designers, there are numerous digital and developer roles you might not expect to find here at the LEGO Group. There are also lots of things you would expect – like a play-first culture, the space and encouragement to run with your ideas and a drive to innovate in a vast global market.

In this episode Jake takes you behind the bricks and into our world to show you some incredibly cool ways you could help to shape it in our Creative Play Lab team. Our people take collaboration to a whole new level and progress their careers in unexpected ways. Get ready to be inspired by their stories and explore our unique opportunities.

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Episode 6 - LEGO Design

Discover a global creative powerhouse in Denmark. From concept to creation, our LEGO Design teams bring game-changing ideas to life. In this episode you’ll get to meet people from around the world who are adding power to play. Individual creativity is valued in a big way here. That’s why our design community of 500+ imaginative minds is fully supported to create iconic play experiences.

In this episode our host Jake meets colleagues from across the LEGO Design Organisation covering:

· How design disciplines work together to create a final product – including 2D, 3D, illustration, digital, product, graphics, UX, video, sculpting and more

· Various ways of joining our team – from students to established professionals
· Tailoring your portfolio so your application stands out
· The unforgettable memories created in our exciting recruitment workshops
· How we welcome and mentor new colleagues.

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Playful workplace

Episode 7 - A playful workplace

Our mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. And inspiration starts from within. That’s why we’ve created a playground for professionals to explore potential, think creatively and let their imagination run free. Everywhere you look at the LEGO Group, there are ideas buzzing. It’s a warm, friendly and playful culture that everyone can shape and take pride in.

In this episode (our season finale!) Jake is joined by fellow colleagues to explore what a playful workplace really means, what Play Day is and so much more.

Watch the replay now.

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