Just Imagine with Sonal Jhuj 💭

Just imagine your job was a playground of possibilities. Then imagine that your best teachers were children and the best way to get inspired was to have fun and play. Sonal Jhuj lives this reality (almost) every day.

“Doing things that haven’t been done before comes very easily to my colleagues here. Many organisations struggle with innovation, but here I see that for my colleagues it’s the most natural thing. There’s creativity in action every day. That we’re here to do new things, whatever shape they may eventually take – a product, an experience or a marketing campaign.


“In my long career before joining the LEGO Group, I’d successfully shaped big brands and delivered business results, but the portfolio of tools at my disposal were limited. Having worked here now for over two years, I’ve had the chance to closely observe the many many tools it takes to build a successful brand with this kind of longevity. It’s definitely unblinkered my view of what creativity can make possible in the world.

“I’m part of the Global Brand Development team working on long-range strategic narratives and marketing plans for the LEGO® brand alongside key transformation projects.


“Leading the brand communication strategy for our 90th-anniversary campaign was incredible. Particularly because of the impact it had and also because it stretched in many wonderful ways across every part of the brand experience. It was also such a huge privilege to be able to celebrate a brand of such stature while charting a path for its future. It’s not every day that you get to do this kind of work.

“Becoming a mother 9 years ago shaped how I saw the world – it showed me the very same every day things but from my incredibly creative, curious and fearless son’s lens. He asks the best questions and leaves me with the most impressive answers. At the LEGO Group everything we do is with children in mind. Learning from children and how they see the world teaches me the most. Here at the LEGO Group we always say ‘Children are our role models’ and it shows up in our work every single day. Getting to hear their thoughts on what we do and on the world around them is a constant source of inspiration. I absolutely love every chance I get to ask children questions and see how they play. It’s near impossible to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow without playing and having fun ourselves.


“I got to attend my very first ‘Play Day’ last year. I’d never experienced anything quite like it! Imagine playing all day with your colleagues, watching everyone hop, skip and build shoulder-to-shoulder. It served as a reminder of the joy and value of play – and as grown ups it’s a reminder we need often. Play Day is one of the most meaningful traditions in the company that stems from our values, that we hold so dearly. In our team meetings we always make room for play. Even our meeting rooms have play prompts, because how can we possibly get to incredible things unless we start with play.

“One of the most rewarding things about my job is that I get to create new things with teams from very diverse areas of expertise. A typical day can include working with the LEGO Foundation, LEGO House, LEGOLAND, LEGO Education, design teams, content teams and more. I can’t think of a job where you get to build alongside such incredible talent and share in the responsibility of building such an iconic brand. Everyone here wants to do their life’s best work. When you’re working to build on a brand that’s so strong and successful, you have to strive even harder to make a difference and leave a legacy through your work.

“We’re doing our best to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. That’s a really valuable mission. One that made it very easy for me to make the decision to move to a new continent with my family in tow. And it’s a decision I’d make again in a heartbeat."

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