Just Imagine with Parvathi Chandrasekar 💭

Just imagine finding your perfect role. One that would enable you to indulge your passion, develop your talents and make a meaningful impact. Then imagine it involved moving to a completely new country. This is the path Parvathi Chandrasekar took to working with us. Her story may help you to decide whether a similar move might be worth looking into.

 Parvathi Chandrasekar

“The environment doesn’t recognise borders. If we’re serious about protecting it, we all have to think and act like global citizens. We must all share the responsibility. We all have a part to play. Mine happens to extend to my career and involved moving to Denmark. It was a big decision for me, obviously. It would be for anyone. But the chance to work for a business so clearly committed to sustainability was a big plus. Over the six years I’ve been here, I’ve discovered many more positives.


“Currently, I’m a Senior Sustainable Packaging Engineer. When you think about the millions of customers we have around the world and the extent of our product range, there’s potentially a massive footprint there, in packaging terms alone. It’s more important, arguably, for businesses than individuals to be good corporate citizens. The bigger the impact, the bigger the responsibility to act.

“Being part of that sustainability journey at the LEGO Group, keeping it on track, is very much a team effort and one we all take pride in doing well. How can you not when you know your work contributes to a greener planet every day. Something else I was drawn to here was the exposure the role offered. Beyond the immediate team, we have to reach out to stakeholders around the globe. This not only makes for a richer, more varied experience and so many opportunities to learn, but also we’re the perfect example of Diversity & Inclusion in action. It’s a genuinely collaborative effort. That’s how we get things done in the best possible way.

“It’s given me great insight into the subject and I’m proud to be able to share this as part of our Diversity & Inclusion taskforce. You have a voice here and it’s heard - which is satisfying. Particularly when you know it’s going to make a difference beyond your immediate area. The Leadership Culture is a great example of this. It’s a good way for the business to live its curiosity in a way that’s constructive and inclusive.


“Now I’ve taken the leap of faith by moving to Denmark, it makes sense for me to make the absolute most of the opportunities. I’m a great believer in extending my arms beyond my role or finding new ways to learn to enhance my ability to do it better. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. From an MS Teams feature to learnings on strategy.

“I think it’s a pretty awesome combination to be able to work for a company that genuinely cares about its impact and does its best for society but is still so much fun. There is something about being here that really brings out your inner child. Mine could not be happier to be here.”

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