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LEGO® Friends Summer Cubes

LEGO® Friends Play Cubes – Cube ’em, stack ’em, love ’em!

5 mini boxes packed with everything for an awesome summer!

Mini boxes are always in fashion!

The LEGO® Friends Play Cubes are snackable, stackable fun that fit with each other and click with cubes from previous seasons. So when summer changes to winter, Summer Cubes will connect with the amazing Winter Cubes coming later this year!

Plunge in with Andrea’s Summer Play Cube

Andrea’s going diving with her flippers, an underwater camera and a trusty treasure map.She’s ready to snap some pics of the amazing marine life in the colorful seaweed, including a mystery creature!

Get down with Stephanie’s Summer Play Cube

Stephanie’s spinning some tunes on the beach with her cool DJ headphones and record selection. There’s even a mystery creature hiding among the palm trees and exotic flowers, enjoying the music!

Fun LEGO® Arts & Crafts

Looking for more gift ideas for kids who love arts and crafts? LEGO® arts and crafts can be anything from fun things for kids to build alone to creative activities for the whole family. Get our best tips for easy-to-make rainy-day projects.

Relax with Olivia’s Summer Play Cube

Summer days don’t get better than this! Olivia’s on her chaise lounge with her tablet, and using plenty of sunscreen, naturally! She’s even got a pineapple to snack on. But wait a minute, what’s that mystery animal frolicking in the sea?

Grab a bite with Mia’s Summer Play Cube

Mia’s selling hot dogs on the pier at Heartlake City beach, cooked to perfection and smothered with ketchup. Yum! But there’s a fishy thief looking to snap up another tasty snack, what kind of creature could it be?

Get creative with Emma’s Summer Play Cube

Take to the beach and build a sandcastle that’s so amazing, a mystery animal wants to call it home! And after all that hard work in the sunshine, everyone deserves an ice cream. Help Emma choose a flavor!

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