New LEGO® City Sets for 2024

New LEGO® City Sets for 2024

Discover the exciting lineup of new LEGO® City building toys for 2024. From a graceful sailboat to a futuristic space station, these sets merge fantasy and reality for creative play without limits. Unlock a world of limitless imagination for your everyday hero!

60406 LEGO® City Race Car and Car Carrier Truck

Rev up the excitement with the LEGO City Race Car and Car Carrier Truck (60406) building toy playset, a perfect way to fuel imaginative play for kids who love toy cars and trucks. Designed for ages 6 and up, this 328-piece set features a race truck with a functional loading ramp and a cool race car with lowered suspension and flared fenders. The set also includes race driver and truck driver minifigures for role-playing stories and adventures.

60412 LEGO® City 4x4 Fire Truck with Rescue Boat

Fun firefighting adventures await with the 301-piece LEGO City 4x4 Fire Truck with Rescue Boat (60412) playset for kids aged 5 and up. Double up the excitement with a cool combo of toy off-road fire rescue vehicles, plus a trailer for transporting the rescue dinghy. This construction toy also includes a toy tent and a camping scene with a campfire. Just add the firefighter and camper minifigures and let the adventures begin!

60415 LEGO® City Police Car and Muscle Car Chase

Unleash a world of tire-screeching action, fun and excitement with this dynamic police car building toy. The 213-piece LEGO City Police Car and Muscle Car Chase (60415) playset features a sleek police interceptor and a speedy getaway vehicle. And with officer and crook minifigures, the stage is set for exhilarating role play and storytelling.

60404 LEGO® City Burger Truck

Serving fast food is child’s play with the LEGO City Burger Truck (60404) building toy for ages 5 and up. This 194-piece playset is a treat for young imaginations. Topped with a giant burger, the mobile fast-food joint can be detached from the truck and comes with a detailed food prep area, condiments and a service hatch that opens to display a flame-grilled burger sign. This set also includes a vendor minifigure and a customer minifigure with a hearing aid.

60413 LEGO® City Fire Rescue Plane

Send imaginative play soaring with the 478-piece LEGO City Fire Rescue Plane (60413) construction toy for budding firefighters aged 6 and up. This toy plane is loaded with realistic features, including a pretend waterdrop function and 2 water element launchers. The twin-engine aircraft also has an opening rear cargo door, plus a dual cockpit, and comes with pilot, extinguisher operator and jetpack firefighter minifigures, plus a wildfire scene for action-packed play.

60419 LEGO® City Police Prison Island

Fun jailbreak adventures await with this 980-piece LEGO City Police Prison Island (60419) building toy playset, featuring a cliffside prison, police helicopter, police boat and dinghy. The prison comprises a labyrinth of rooms, including a control center, officers’ break area, entrance hall, kennel room, a courtyard with a secret escape hatch, a cell with an escape tunnel leading to an abandoned mine, plus a prisoner’s laundry with jailbreak tools. This feature-rich set comes complete with 3 officer and 4 prisoner minifigures, along with police dog and shark figures, for imaginative play and storytelling.

60433 LEGO® City Modular Space Station

Thrill a budding astronaut with the LEGO City Modular Space Station playset (60433), a premium 1,097-piece space building toy for kids aged 7 and up.

This futuristic space ring is an orbiting anchor for docking spacecraft and room pod modules, including a satellite, space bike, shuttle, exploration science lab, repair workshop, kitchen, sleeping quarters and a biodome. Kids can switch the modules around to create their perfect space station and connect them to the shuttle to create a cool space train. The set comes with 6 space crew minifigures for epic space adventures.

This set features the LEGO space air-lock element for connection to other compatible space-themed LEGO playsets (sold separately) for even bigger adventures!

60438 LEGO® City Sailboat

Take your young adventurer on a fantastic voyage with the 102-piece LEGO City Sailboat (60438) building set for kids aged 5 and up. Designed for play and display, this toy boat features a tall mast with a printed sail, a cabin and a boat’s wheel. The set also includes 2 minifigures for imaginative role play and storytelling.

60432 LEGO® City Command Rover and Crane Loader

Set the stage for imaginary planetary exploration with the 758-piece LEGO City Command Rover and Crane Loader (60432) outer space toy building set. Navigating new worlds is fun with this futuristic 8-wheeled vehicle. It has everything kids need for exploring distant planets, including big tires, sample storage hatches, a crane arm and a pod bay for docking the air-lock laboratory. The playset also includes a planet scene where explorers can discover alien plants and an energy crystal. Just add the 4 space crew minifigures and robot and alien action figures for epic space adventures.

This set includes a special space air-lock element for connection to other compatible space-themed LEGO playsets (sold separately) for even bigger adventures!