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The Pets of BrickHeadz™

It seems almost like cheating when we take the adorable look and feel of BrickHeadz™ and combine it with the cutest pets in existence. But we’re not complaining… (and you’re not either, are you?)

  • Spot the Difference

    Dalmatian (40479)

    Let’s see here… they both have red collars… both have spots… they’ve both stolen our hearts… hey, this spot-the-difference business is harder than it looks!
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  • That’s it. That’s the Tweet.

    Cockatiel (40481)

    Who’s that perched up there? Why, it’s only two of the most gorgeous birds immortalized in BrickHeadz™ form!
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  • Here, kitty, kitty

    Shorthair cats (40441)

    Yes, we know you can never really ‘own’ a cat. It’s always the cat that owns you. But… and hear us out here… you technically can own these cats.
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  • What a cheeky pair

    Hamster (40482)

    These elegantly constructed, collectible figurines make the perfect addition to… wait… hold on… are you seeing what we’re seeing?
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  • There’s something fishy going on here…

    Goldfish (40442)

    They say that goldfish have a memory of 3 seconds. Which seems like a bit of an exaggeration. We actually know an interesting fact about goldfish – swipe right to see it.
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  • Everyone loves a redhead!

    Ginger Tabby (40480)

    They say orange is the new black… but does it apply to cats? All we’ll say is, if these two pretty kitties cross your path, you’ll certainly be feeling lucky…
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  • Who’s a good dog?

    German Shepherd (40440)

    After extensive research, conducted under the most scientifically stringent conditions imaginable, the LEGO Group can officially confirm that these are the good dogs.
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  • Fly, my pretties

    Budgie (40443)

    Fans of birds, animals, pets or wooden bird perches (a bit niche, that last one) will flock to these two budgie collectibles!
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