My Pets Bracelet


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Express yourself endlessly with creative style

This LEGO® DOTS bracelet set lets kids show off their love of pets and express themselves however they like.

Start the fun by planning your designs

Kids can start by imagining and creating their favourite pet-related patterns, then move on to decorating the bracelet to wear.

LEGO® DOTS My Pets Bracelet

Lots of style options

This LEGO® DOTS set inspires endless creativity.

Plenty of design space

Double-row bracelet and loads of tiles for fun designs.

Inspiration from anywhere

Coming up with new ideas grow kids’ design confidence.

Share a passion in fun ways

Included deco tiles let kids share their passion for pets.

Fantastic, magical unicorns

Unicorns Forever Bracelet set (sold separately) adds magic.

Bracelets. Tiles. Creativity.

Mega Pack kit + Extra DOTS Series 8 (sold separately) = fun!

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