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Find that special piece to complete your creation. There’s no limit to what you can build!
BESTSELLERIf your order only contains pieces labelled ‘Bestseller’, we can process it more quickly. It will be sent from our warehouse in Poland, and you can track it once it’s on its way to you.
7 business days delivery from Poland77 Kč service fee for Bestseller orders below 298 Kč
StandardStandard pieces are those without the yellow ‘Bestseller’ label. These will be sent straight from the home of the brick in Billund, Denmark. 
Up to  28 business days  delivery from Denmark154,00 Kč service fee for Standard orders below 298 Kč
Bestseller and Standard orders are sent separately. Service fees are in addition to normal delivery fees
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  • ID: 6396469/85816
    150,49 Kč
  • ID: 6391820/53450
    7,65 Kč
  • ID: 6399356/76382
    29,86 Kč
  • ID: 6399357/76382
    35,04 Kč
  • ID: 6399355/76382
    32,86 Kč
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