New partnerships will help us attract diverse talent

New partnerships will help us attract diverse talent to inspire ALL LEGO® fans

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the LEGO Group. We want everyone to be able to bring their full self to work.

To help us become a more diverse and inclusive workplace, the LEGO Group has entered into partnerships with three LGBTQIA+ NGOs: Stonewall, Workplace Pride and Open for Business.

We want to build a diverse organization

“The LGBTQIA+ community is dear to us, and like many marginalized groups, it lacks the support, safe space and allyship needed for individuals to thrive and realize their full potential. Our D&I ambition is to build a diverse organization with a unique sense of belonging to reach and inspire ALL builders of tomorrow,” explains Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Cecilia Weckstrom and adds:

“Partnerships like these are critical for us to learn more about what we can do to make a positive difference in the lives of children, colleagues, partners and the world in general. These partners are also critical friends who hold us accountable for integrating best practices, ensuring that our processes, systems and ways of working are as inclusive to all as possible.”

“So meaningful to someone like me”

Cristina Liquori, Head of US Marketing, welcomes the new partnerships.

Cristina: “It’s so meaningful for someone like me who identifies as queer to see the company openly support LGBTQIA+ colleagues and the community in general. I love that we embrace this to show that we value diversity.”

She believes the partnerships will help the company become a more diverse brand and workplace:

“I’m positive it will help us attract diverse talent that represents all our fans.”

Cristina Liquori

Partners help us tackle LGBTQIA+ inclusion at all levels

Why partner with three organizations and not just concentrate on one? Cecilia explains:

“These partners support and complement each other and help us tackle LGBTQIA+ inclusion at all levels. Open for Business is a champion of LGBTQIA+ rights and advocacy and a beacon of cutting-edge research on the economic and societal impact of excluding LGBTQIA+ communities.”

“Workplace Pride offers a global standard and best practices for LGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion. Stonewall sits at the intersection of both and has a broad influence in public life and civil society as well as expertise in creating inclusive workplaces. Working with all three means, we benefit from their comprehensive expertise and understand the many nuances at local, regional and global levels in this space.”

Everyone is Awesome

LEGO® play is for everyone, irrespective of race, gender, how you identify or who you love. Discover some of the ways we embody that belief in our day-to-day work as a company.