Partnering for play with Save the Children in China

In 2019, the LEGO Group announced a three-year, US$2.3 million partnership with Save the Children in China. The partnership aims to improve access to quality Learning through Play for children aged 3-6 in the predominantly rural Yunnan Province, where preschool education quality has been falling behind that of urban areas. Through the partnership, we expect to reach approximately 50,000 children and we are making good progress.
Children playing in the kindergarten in Yunnan Province, China

Play training, play-based materials and a colourful refurbishment

Testament to this is the story of the Dayao county kindergarten, where we helped bring more Learning through Play into the curriculum. The project was funded by the LEGO Foundation and with our partners in Save the Children, we worked closely with the kindergarten faculty to include more play-based approaches in the teaching and a greater focus on the cognitive, social and emotional development of the children. The project also saw the kindergarten colourfully refurbished. Take a look at the video to learn more.

Reflecting on the project, Wendy Zhang, Senior CSR Manager in our Social Impact and Partnerships team in China said:

Children in Dayao kindergarten now have access to play-based materials, while receiving Learning through Play guided curriculum and activities. They can foster and cultivate their holistic skills through play. One year after the training, the overall environment and the classrooms in the kindergarten looked different, full of playful materials and guidance. Teachers were able to organize their own activities with LEGO® bricks and other play materials in their classes.”

Paul Huang is Senior Vice President of the China Market Group and is pleased to see how partnerships and local projects create real and playful impact for children:

We are so proud to be working with Save the Children on this and other great projects in China, and grateful for the partnership with the LEGO Foundation. Both share the same belief and commitment as the LEGO Group to support children’s development with Learning through Play.”

Children in the kindergarten

Through the partnership, we have reached 28,000 children and 1,200 teachers so far. We expect to meet our 50,000 target by the end of the partnership in 2022 and will continue to work with Save the Children in China to bring more Learning through Play to children in need.

This project is one of many contributions to the progress we have made on our sustainability journey in the first half-year of 2021. Read our H1 2021 sustainability progress here.