LEGO® Marvel Characters and Minifigures –

Meet all the superheroes and villains from the Marvel movies and TV shows, like Spider-Man, Black Widow, The Wasp, and Captain America.

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Popular LEGO® Marvel Characters

Iconic superheroes – always with a creative LEGO® twist

What kind of superpowers did you want when you were a child? Who was your sidekick in your imaginary battles for the universe? Superheroes never go out of style. Even as an adult, when you rediscover them through your child’s fascination, it’s so much fun to play along with these iconic characters and figures, relive some of your own childhood memories, or maybe meet new ones along the way.


 You can read all about heroes and villains from the LEGO® Marvel movies and TV shows here. Find sets related to each character and almost* everything you need to know to train your young superhero.


*(Human-sized capes, masks, suits, and endless imagination not sold here. Sorry.)


Black Panther

Ant-Man and The Wasp