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Parents Guide

Learning Through Play with LEGO® DUPLO®

Children’s Development Areas: It’s fun and moving to watch your little one meet new developmental milestones as they grow from toddlers to preschoolers to older kids. From an early age they constantly practice life skills through play. It can be loud, messy, sometimes even a little painful, but every new skill learned is a victory. From “hands on” fine motor skills to social skills, playing with LEGO DUPLO inspires and support your child’s imagination, curiosity and courage to conquer the world, one little step - and one big brick - at a time.

Imagination & Creativity

It’s impossible to build a spaceship out of paper towel rolls. Or is it? If you have seen your child turn a cardboard box into a car, plane, dollhouse or time machine, you know the joy is real! That’s the magic and power of imagination. As grown-ups, we have tried an erred our way to an understanding of what is and isn’t possible in the real world. To your little one, anything is still possible, and they will use whatever is at hand to express themselves, play and create solutions. Creativity is the bridge between imagination and reality. It may “just” be a cardboard box today. But if you encourage your child experiment with safe, age-appropriate materials to create whatever they can imagine, they will develop invaluable skills for life.

Product quality and safety

Our biggest inspiration and reason for being, children, are also our biggest concern. So, we are relentless in making sure children can play safely and enjoy our products – indeed, it’s the most important thing for us. That’s why all our products meet or exceed the most stringent toy safety regulations globally.