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Grand Piano


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Limit 5
Small parts.
Building Instructions

Symphony in precision

Watch a masterpiece in motion with 25 keys each connected to their own hammer.

Take the stage

Display an authentic reproduction with details worthy of a standing ovation.

Designed to perform

Connect the free Powered Up app to bring the piano to life in sight and sound.

Details to display and delight

Command performance

Use the motor and the free Powered Up app to start the show.

Auto-Play with your Smartphone

Watch and listen as the piano plays a song of your choice.

Self-Play with your Smartphone

Pretend to play along with a pre-recorded song you select.

Magic inside

Lift the top to view the intricate system of hammers and strings.

Orchestrated movement

Operate the adjustable bench and moving pedals.

Inspired by musicians

Exquisite details make this a true show piece for collectors.

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