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ZOOM in for a spectacular Stuntz Challenge!


    It’s Red vs. Blue – Spotlight vs. Alex. Check out this pencil-pounding, tunnel-travelling, hoop-hopping LEGO® City Stuntz challenge! Power and accuracy are the key to victory! Who will prevail? You get to find out right here! Tricks AND selfie sticks? Leave that stuff to the minifigures. Always ride safe.

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        City vlog – Drone Surfing Firefighter

        Watch firefighter Bob put out a fire using his drone!

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          City vlog – Dancing Police Squad

          Watch Chief Wheeler and the LEGO® City Police team dancing!

          • LEGO® City

            City vlog– Donut Delivery

            Chief Wheeler is hungry for a donut.

            • LEGO® City

              Wallop’s Hospital Stunt Show

              Watch Wallop doing stunt outside and inside the LEGO® City hospital.

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                Zoom in for a WINNING LEGO® City Stuntz montage!

                Get inspired with this awesome montage of epic LEGO® City Stuntz wins! See the victorious riders smash the Wheel of all Wheels and Giant Wall of Cups challenges! What will YOUR next Stuntz course be?

                • LEGO® City

                  Hospital Tour

                  Get a tour around the LEGO® City hospital.

                  • LEGO® City

                    LEGO CITY Fire dog

                    Fire dog to the rescue!

                    • LEGO® City

                      City vlog – The Flying Firetruck

                      Freya McCloud and the LEGO® City firefighters put out fires in the Flying Firetruck!

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                        ZOOM in for another awesome Stuntz Challenge!

                        Join the awesome Stuntz teams for a croc-infested Halloween LEGO® City Stuntz Challenge! Who’ll win? Will it be the red team with the fearless fire chief Freya McCloud, or the blue team with the high-flying Chicken Guy?

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                          Ramp up the fun with this SMASHING Stuntz Challenge!

                          Join the awesome Stuntz teams for the LEGO® City Stuntz Wall of Cups Challenge! Accuracy and a steady nerve is the key to victory, but who’ll win? Will it be the red team with the mysterious Incogn!tro, or the blue team with the demolition daredevil Wallop?

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                            Check out these inspiring LEGO® City Stuntz courses!

                            Power up your creativity with this montage of epic LEGO® City Stuntz courses, including the Scariest Cup O’Gaters and the Lava Shark Crossing! Packed with inspiration for your own Stuntz course creations!

                            • LEGO® City

                              Create a wildlife adventure!

                              Use the randomizer to reveal 3 items for your creation. What will your wildlife story be? Build and it share it with us right here!

                            LEGO® City Sets

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                              • 60145

                                LEGO® City


                                Jump into the seat of this cool Buggy and get ready to win the race! Check the tires and engine to make sure they’re good to go, then put your helmet on, close the roll cage, rev your engine and GO GO GO!

                                • 60041

                                  LEGO® City

                                  Crook Pursuit

                                  The crook is escaping with the stolen money! Help the policeman speed after him on the cool police motorbike and put him in handcuffs before he leaps the fence and makes off with his backpack full of loot. Includes crook and policeman minifigures with assorted accessories.

                                  • 7939

                                    LEGO® City

                                    Cargo Train

                                    Load up the cargo train and make it ready for departure. Use the big crane to load and unload containers and cars from the train and container truck. Open the top of the engine to reveal the train driver's cabin and use the new eight-channel, seven-speed infrared remote control to transport the goods along the new flexible tracks to the airport, harbour or warehouse.

                                    • 66493

                                      LEGO® City

                                      • 60193

                                        LEGO® City

                                        Arctic Air Transport

                                        Call the pilot; we’re hauling something big with the LEGO® City 60193 Arctic Air Transport! Climb up to the edge of the crevasse and help guide the quadrocopter in to hover mode so the pilot can lower the hook. Catch it and secure the hook in the ice block, then give the thumbs up to haul it away. Race back to base camp on the ATV as fast as you can to analyze the rare find!

                                        • 60276

                                          LEGO® City

                                          Police Prisoner Transport

                                          The LEGO® City Police are transporting the notorious crook Snake Rattler in their iconic prisoner transporter, when… BOOM! An explosion has blasted the cell free from the transporter and Clara The Criminal is dragging the cell away at high speed in her souped-up tow truck. Call in police hero Duke DeTain on his supercool black motorcycle and intercept those crooks before they get away!

                                          • 60290

                                            LEGO® City

                                            Skate Park

                                            LEGO® City is buzzing with excitement as skaters of all ages and disciplines show off their skills. The road is cordoned off for the skating event and a Vita Rush promoter is handing out free cans of soda from the pickup. Check out the wheelchair athlete performing high-flying tricks on the quarter pipe, while a BMX rider demonstrates amazing balance on the seesaw ramp… so awesome!

                                            • 10750

                                              LEGO® City

                                              Road Repair Truck

                                              Head out with the LEGO® Juniors/4+ 10750 Road Repair Truck road crew to repair the city streets! Drive the truck into position and unload the cement mixer. Set up the barrier to stop the traffic and then pour out the cement to fill the hole. When it's set, grab the tools and clean up before you head off to the next spot!

                                              • 60042

                                                LEGO® City

                                                High Speed Police Chase

                                                Look out! The two crooks are racing away with the stolen money on their scrambler motorbikes. Launch a High Speed Police Chase as the crooks jump the ramp and do crazy stunts through the city and make sure the policeman in his high-speed police car slaps the handcuffs on the crooks before they can get away for good! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted accessories: 2 crooks and a policeman.

                                                • 60032

                                                  LEGO® City

                                                  Arctic Snowmobile

                                                  Search for the secrets of the ice with the super-cool LEGO® City Arctic Snowmobile! Venture out into freezing polar conditions with the explorer in his specialist Arctic gear. Crack open the huge ice block with the axe to reveal the mysterious crystal inside. Use the walkie-talkie to report your discovery, then load the ice and crystal onto the sled and return to base camp to conduct more tests. Includes an Arctic explorer minifigure with assorted accessories.

                                                  • 60116

                                                    LEGO® City

                                                    Ambulance Plane

                                                    Cheer on the motorcyclist as he rides past! If he falls during the ride, help the doctor tend to the injured motorcyclist. Then put him on the stretcher, load him into the Ambulance Plane and fly him to safety!

                                                    • 60000

                                                      LEGO® City

                                                      Fire Motorcycle

                                                      Hurry! A recycling container is on fire in LEGO® City! Help the firefighter get to the scene fast on his speedy Fire Motorcycle. Then use his fire extinguisher to stop the blaze from getting out of control! Includes a firefighter minifigure with fire extinguisher.

                                                    LEGO® City

                                                    LEGO® City Stuntz Ride

                                                    Feel the thrill and put your stunts skills to the test in the city. Jump, crush and wheelie like no other rides!

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                                                          Let’s make life and work awesome!

                                                          No matter what kind of awesome you are into, you can make it happen!

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                                                            Celebrate the women of LEGO® City!

                                                            Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate the women in our lives and women across the whole world! Every woman from grandmothers to mothers or sisters, teachers, astronauts, doctors, police officers, and every woman in between deserves to be celebrated! Who is a special woman in your life? Build them some flowers out of your bricks and reach out to them to let them know you love and appreciate them today! Here at LEGO City, we created a special video to celebrate the women who keep the City going!

                                                            • LEGO® City

                                                              Build a Beach Rescue life raft

                                                              Build an awesome life raft for the Beach Rescue Team! Can you think fast and build a creative solution? A group of tourists have drifted away from the shore on their raft. The Beach Rescue team are on patrol in their ATV. But the ATV can’t sail and the team can’t leave the beach guests behind. Can you use some of these elements to build a life raft the tourists can jump onto? What will you do to make sure your raft doesn’t drift off? Feel free to use any other LEGO® elements you have!

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                                                                Keep the creativity flowing!

                                                                Check out this compilation of cool creations! Upload a picture of your masterwork and it could be featured in our next video. Big shoutout to all our Featured Users, we hope you like this tribute!

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                                                                  Freya Fire Chief

                                                                  • LEGO® City

                                                                    Check out the Wheel of all Wheels Stuntz Challenge!

                                                                    Join the Stuntz teams for the dazzling Wheel of all Wheels Stuntz challenge! Perfect timing, soaring speed and a lot of luck is the key to victory! But who’ll win? Will it be the blue team with high-flying Clemmons the Chicken Guy or the red team with the mysterious masked rider Incogn!tro? Let’s find out! Tricks AND selfie sticks? Leave that stuff to the minifigures. Always ride safe.

                                                                    • LEGO® City

                                                                      LEGO City News "Mars Landing" Kids

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                                                                        Check out this shark-infested Wheelie Challenge!

                                                                        Join the awesome Stuntz teams for the terrifying LEGO® City Stuntz Wheelie Challenge! Bravery, balance and a love of heights, lava and sharks are the key to victory! Who’ll win? Will it be the red team with the soaring super-mind Rocket Racer, or the blue team with the cool-headed creator Raze?

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                                                                          Build your dream skate park

                                                                          LEGO® City just opened its cool new skate park. Maybe you want to make it even cooler? Or build your own version? If you can find these elements, or other fun stuff, in your LEGO collection, use them to create a skate park YOUR way. Create a cool obstacle course, a spectacular stunt show, build a snack bar for hungry skaters – who knows what else you might think of as you build?

                                                                          • LEGO® City

                                                                            City Sweeper

                                                                            • LEGO® City

                                                                              Cool crook-catching content!

                                                                              Check out these WILD ‘Villains on Vacation’ creations! Keep the content flowing, and your masterwork could be featured in our next video! Big shout-out to all our Featured Users, we hope you like this cool compilation.

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                                                                                CITY Stuntz Hero Film

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