Meet Strongman

“Lifting this is easy-peasy. Give me something heavier, will you not?” Some Minifigures train all their lives to develop big muscles, but for the hearty Strongman, it just comes naturally. Hundred-pound weights are as light as feather pillows in his hands, and he can crush cement blocks with ease. He once balanced an entire city hall on his head while a wedding was going on inside, and then carried the building to the airport so the happy couple wouldn’t miss their flight. Despite his great strength, the Strongman is extraordinarily gentle. He has to be, because he knows that if he isn’t careful, he might accidentally break something or fling it miles away. What could have made him so powerful? He chalks it up to eating plenty of vegetables and getting at least eight hours of sleep every night, although some think the true secret has to do with his spectacular mustache!

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