Let's talk menopause


Building awareness of wellbeing

The LEGO Group is launching a menopause programme aiming to build greater awareness amongst all colleagues around the topic and help us all to create safe spaces at work to talk about wellbeing.

By raising menopause awareness and providing support, we can all help to remove the stigma of menopause related conversations at work and give colleagues the necessary support they may need.


“Talking about it makes a big difference. It made me feel less alone and less like it was just happening to me.”​

Learning from our colleagues

The menopause programme has now launched in the United Kingdom and will be followed by Denmark and Singapore this year. Feedback from colleagues in each location will help us to shape programme principles and to scale the work across more countries as appropriate.


Why is this important at work

At the LEGO Group we focus on removing barriers so each of our colleagues can succeed and be at their best. We aspire for our colleagues to feel heard and valued and we recognise the importance of having inclusive and diverse workplaces, where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

"Our People Promise is about succeeding and growing together, and an essential part of that is our diversity and inclusion agenda. Everyone in the LEGO Group should feel a strong sense of belonging and inclusion. This programme is about educating all of us about a topic that, historically, many have not felt comfortable discussing in the workplace. With that education, we hope to support our colleagues navigating this important life stage".

Loren I. Shuster, Chief People Officer and Head of Corporate Affairs.

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