Just Imagine with Lauren von Stackelberg 💭

Just imagine what you did every day could end up changing the world forever. This is how Lauren von Stackelberg (she/her) sees her role as our Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer. Change does not happen quickly or easily when the task is so big. But Lauren is under no illusions about this and she doesn’t do it alone. Collaborating, listening and learning with a curious, open mind are as much part of her journey as they are of everyone who works here.

“My job simply wouldn’t be possible without actively listening to and engaging with all our colleagues. It’s a privilege to do so. What they tell me informs our diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy. Understanding their lived experiences of inclusion enables us to put their needs at the heart of it. For a brand that places so much emphasis on making a positive impact in people’s lives, it’s incredibly important this starts with our own. And what better impact can you make than creating opportunities and equal outcomes for all.


“This is what my role is all about. Building diversity and inclusion into our DNA. It means applying an inclusion lens across the board. Whether it’s to the policies and partnerships that underpin how we work, or the products, experiences and communications that work creates.

“Doing D&I here is special. We know that stereotypes, biases and self-limiting beliefs start at a very young age. We understand the impact these have on children’s development, self-esteem and growth. This is our chance to give back to our roles models. Children. We’re building a sustainable D&I legacy through them and for them. Together, we’ll make the world fairer and more equal. This is what inspires me.

“I think sometimes D&I is perceived as only being an HR topic and, yes, it’s incredibly important in this area. It can be prioritised in our hiring efforts to ensure gender balance. It’s present in people policies, ranging from parental leave to menopause. The reality is, however, that it touches every part of our organisation. It shows up in our brand campaigns and product portfolio - Women in NASA and our DUPLO® mini dolls are good examples. It influences our approach to social responsibility partnerships that support gender balance in our communities.


"The challenge for a global business like ours is keeping in mind the diverse contexts in which we operate. Glocalisation - yes, that is a made up word - means that we bring the necessary local nuance to what we do that different cultural contexts demand.

“As our footprint grows around the world, our network of workplaces grows with it. In many of these offices, factories and retail stores our colleagues unearth opportunities for us to have a more inclusive footprint and act upon them. We see colleagues inputting into our Inclusive Workplace practices for reflection rooms, accessibility, lactation spaces and more. This is a great example of where creativity meets functionality – people leveraging their creative ideas to make our colleague experience better for everyone every day.


“The D&I strategy isn’t just mine - it’s ours. By and for all of us. It really is how we do things around here, together for the benefit of everyone. As new people join the business, they bring their needs and perspectives with them. We learn from them - and at our core, we are a learning organisation.

"Learning through play is not just central to what we do, it’s in how we deliver this too. Our Leadership Playground Campfire sessions are a case in point. Having these opportunities to share and listen makes us a richer work environment and better able to fulfil our purpose as a business.

“Learning helps us reach out to hearts and minds. The curiosity ingrained in our culture helps us do this. D&I plays an integral role in this. This is what energises me to leap out of bed every day. I feel fortunate to be part of such a purpose-led business and all the more so if it gives us all the chance to leave the world a better, fairer place than how we found it. I believe deeply that it does.”

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