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Hej Vietnam!

We’re super-excited about our latest site in Vietnam. The very first brick is due to roll off our production line in 2024. Plus it will be carbon neutrally run, as all the energy used here will come from solar panels.

This brings our total manufacturing sites globally to seven - and our second in Asia. Our focus here will be on moulding and packing. Choosing Vietnam brings us closer to some of our most important markets. Shortening our supply chain means we reduce our environmental impact and can respond quickly to consumer demand.

With this in mind, we can meet both the growth in demand in our markets and our responsibilities as good corporate citizens. All of which adds up to more play experiences and a brighter future for as many as possible.

LMV Factory

Who we’re looking for

We’re a large site with opportunities to match. This adds up to some 4,000 job opportunities over the next 15 years. If you have the skills to help us in manufacturing and packaging LEGO® products, you could be amongst the first to join us. You could find yourself building a career here in anything from moulding LEGO elements to packing LEGO boxes.

We’re hiring now and we’re looking for passionate, creative collaborators who can dedicate themselves to our mission: to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. There are all kinds of ways you can do that here. We’ll have openings in Engineering and Production, as well as Human Resources, Finance and Supply Chain and many more. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a manufacturing expert, we’ll have a role for you.

Explore our Operations

We’re passionate about what we do here. How could we not be when it involves bringing our iconic products to curious minds around the world? If you enjoy collaborating and want to take on a new challenge, you’ll find it here. Producing and delivering products as part of our Operations team. Right at the very heart of the LEGO Group.



Moulding is an area in which we invest heavily and innovate constantly. Both our technology and processes set the industry standard. Where we lead, others follow. Our focus on building specialised capabilities means we’re able to engineer high-quality LEGO elements. Once made and qualified, we validate every single one of them to maintain the best play experiences. It’s down to us to engineer whatever our designers dream up next.



Packing is all about the wow factor when our customers get to unpack their LEGO sets. So we constantly evolve packing platforms to provide the best experience. Our focus is on balancing efficiency with end-to-end perspective and sustainable requirements. By the end of 2025, we aim to make all our packaging from sustainably sourced materials. This means they’re renewable or made from recycled content and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®C117818).



Our on site Facilities team has a big job to do: realising the huge ambition to make this the LEGO Group’s first carbon-neutral manufacturing site and a LEED-certified facility. The building will be operated with a very high automation level, an advanced BMS system & high energy efficiency equipment with Zero Impact Operations. The workspace here will be very people-centric. We aim to create a comfortable and enjoyable working experience that enhances the wellbeing, effectiveness and creativity of all our colleagues.

We offer exciting opportunities for various support functions such as Human Resources, Finance, and Procurement in enabling smooth running of our core operations. Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting your career, we welcome new colleagues who are passionate about supporting our organisation and helping us achieve our goals.

Being part of the LEGO team

Just imagine working for one of the world's most recognised and loved brands. Joining the LEGO Group means you’ll discover an organisation with a unique and inspiring culture.

Our operations are just getting underway so we need creative minds to make them a success. This means there’ll be no end of opportunities to unleash your potential. Wherever you are in your career right now, we’ll equip you with the tools and training you need to keep evolving.

Behind the Bricks in Vietnam

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