• GT Racing Car

Race anywhere

This City sport racing car can race for hours – anywhere! Build your own tracks with cardboard, cushions, books or buckets and see how fast it can go.

Learn the quick fixes

Pit stops in sport car racing are extremely fast – sometimes a car spends under 4 seconds in the pit! How fast can you fix your racer?

The pressure is on!

When racing drivers speed up their cars as fast as they do, they’re pushed back into their seats with enormous force (G-force). Almost like when you’re riding downhill on a rollercoaster, just a LOT more pressure!

Hold on tight

When cars race at up to 270mph/230kmh, loose objects near the track may be sucked into the car’s slipstream and fly off. Whoosh! Tip: Duct tape or remove your glasses, hats or other things near your track before you race.

Speed up, cool down

The faster you drive, the hotter the engine gets. The cold air intake on the hood helps cool down the engine.


Height: over 1 inch/4cm Width: 2 inches/5cm Length: 5 inches/13cm LEGO pieces: 190 Cool factor (1-10): 10 Sound level (1-10): 13