LEGO Masters


Your chance to win a LEGO® Classic prize pack!
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Inspired by the LEGO® MASTERS Australia TV Show, we want you to create your own LEGO Masterpiece! Tell us about your Masterpiece to enter to win one of 20 LEGO® Classic prize packs (each prize valued at $200).

Build whatever you want or be inspired by one of our building challenges below!

Building Challenge – Animals

Does your family need some inspiration for your Masterpiece? How about building an animal? Go wild!

Building Challenge – Dream House

Feeling inspired by the LEGO® MASTERS Australia show? How about building your own dream house?


LEGO® MASTERS Australia is like nothing you’ve seen on TV before. It’s not your average reality TV program. Eight teams of two will be put through their paces in a series of colourful challenges designed to put their masterful LEGO skills to the ultimate test – with design, creativity, ingenuity, engineering and construction techniques all under scrutiny.

In this epic battle of the bricks, imagination is the only limitation … plus perhaps the odd cruel twist thrown in by our host, Hamish Blake. He will ensure that no one takes themselves too seriously with his unique take on the reality TV show host/ringmaster role. But the buck stops with judge Ryan McNaught (aka “Brickman”), the arbiter of all LEGO® MASTERS Australia creations.

LEGO® MASTERS Australia premieres on Channel Nine on Sunday 28th April and on Wednesday 1st May on THREE in New Zealand.