LEGO® Education helps educators inspire the next generation of STEAM leaders with free classroom resource

Danni Washington, Rie McClenny, and other inspiring STEAM professionals partner to design free classroom resources preparing students for future workforce challenges.

BILLUND, DENMARK – MARCH 6, 2023 – Today, LEGO® Education released Hannah’s STEAM Heroes: A Career Toolkit, a free classroom resource for teachers to inspire their students as they explore STEAM careers and discover what they love to do. The digital toolkit is developed in partnership with professionals across industries, from ocean advocacy to race car driving to storytelling and more. It is designed to spark joy and curiosity in the classroom while showing that STEAM is for every learner and highlighting the many different careers that involve STEAM.

Students will meet “Hannah’s STEAM Heroes” inspired by Hannah, a fictional representation of the students in today's classroom: bold, curious, and ready to rebuild the world. They will also learn how this diverse group uses STEAM skills every day. Each Hero worked with an education expert to create a challenge for students to help them solve real problems they face on the job. Hannah’s STEAM Heroes are:

  • Danni Washington: Ocean advocate
  • Julie and Jeff Russell: Bee rescuers
  • Tyler Froberg: Farmer
  • Rie McClenny: Food video producer
  • Rachel Ryle: Storyteller
  • Yamilée Toussaint Beach: Dance technologist
  • Aurora Straus: Race car driver

Many of the careers today’s students will pursue don’t even exist yet. However, we know these careers will require important 21st century skills like resilience, problem-solving, and collaboration. Hannah’s STEAM Heroes will inspire students to find their STEAM superpower, discover their passions, and unlock their curiosity as they #RebuildTheWorld.

One episode features Danni Washington, a science communicator and ocean advocate, who combined two of her passions to create an entirely new career. Danni shares that unique journey in her challenge to students, where they have to design a device to clean and protect waterways in their communities. These real-world connections make STEAM learning more meaningful and relatable for students.

“Students today are our future STEAM leaders,” said Danni Washington, science communicator and ocean advocate. “I am thrilled to inspire students to build the skills and confidence they need to create the world we all deserve.”

Bring STEAM to Any Classroom
Hannah’s STEAM Heroes: A Career Toolkit includes resources and materials for educators to easily bring the real-world into their classroom:

  • Intro Session Video: In less than six minutes, teachers can get an overview of what’s in the toolkit and how to use it, as well as meet all of Hannah’s STEAM Heroes.
  • Hannah’s STEAM Heroes Video Episodes: In five-to-six-minute video episodes, professionals share how their career is a STEAM career and how STEAM really is for everyone. Each Hero introduces their real-world challenge to students, who will use STEAM skills to build a solution.
  • Teacher Resource Guide: An instructional booklet includes information about each STEAM Hero, suggested topics students can research, ways to scale activities up or down, and much more.
  • Classroom Slides: Downloadable slides offer student-facing content including bios and challenges, as well as templates for educators to edit, expand, or connect the activities to their current curriculum.
  • Certificate of Completion: Celebrate student participation and identify their STEAM superpowers.

“It’s important to ensure students are equipped with the tools needed to navigate their future career paths,” said Angela Gier, LEGO Education Ambassador and teacher at Maple Lawn Elementary School in Dallas, Texas. “I’ve seen first-hand how STEAM learning can build confidence in students and am excited to use this toolkit to show my students how the STEAM skills they’re learning in the classroom applies to all kinds of careers."

Teachers can access Hannah’s STEAM Heroes: A Career Toolkit at Subscribe for weekly tips on how to use the toolkit and bonus content.

About Hannah’s STEAM Heroes: A Career Toolkit

  • Free digital resource for teachers to inspire students to see themselves in STEAM
  • Includes an intro video, career video episodes, downloadable classroom slides, a teacher guide, and student certificate.
  • Can be adapted for all grade levels or subjects
  • Can be used with any materials found in classrooms or LEGO Education solutions
  • Available to download starting March 6, 2023
  • Currently available only in U.S. English

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