Man posing with a LEGO Minifigure in wood

Jae Won Lee

Based in Korea

Jae Won LEE is one of Korean LEGO Certified Professional and at the same time designs architectures as an experienced architect.

His family is four generations of AFOLs, and he is proud of that. His grandfather and father, were huge LEGO fans, and traded with many countries around the world, so he played with LEGO bricks early on. The first gift he received from his father was a LEGO set.
The LEGO system of play and architecture are similar in that they have the charm of creating their own new designs within the system. This is the reason why he became an architect and LEGO Certified Professional.

Jae Won Lee also attended LEGO Design Workshop in 2016 in the hope of becoming a LEGO designer and is constantly challenging himself. He believes that his experiences as a LEGO Certified Professional is the driving force for dreaming of a new future.
His main design concept is to use as many LEGO bricks of various shapes as possible and design works that can be sympathized with the audience through form and color. He likes to design large sculptures and mosaics, but he is trying to show that he can design Art Figures by LEGO bricks. For that, he collaborates and exhibits with designers from other fields.

Jae Won is actively working with LEGO KOREA as part of campaigns, he participates in children’s educational broadcast programs using LEGO bricks, he conducts seminars about the relationship between LEGO bricks and architecture with other architects, and he lectures on “LEGO, Art and Space” at universities.

Through these activities, Jae Won is trying to promote the LEGO brand in a way that it can also be loved by adults.

Instagram: jaywithlego