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The LEGO® VIDIYO™ App— Unique, Secure, Free & Fun!

Turn unproductive screen time into creative output, a family bonding experience, and a brand-new way to have fun, with the all-in-one, free music video maker... the VIDIYO app!

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Not your average app…

The app is where you scan sets to digitally animate them. But that’s just the start! It also has a kid-friendly social space for them to share their handiwork with other creative kids. Unlike other social media, we put the focus entirely on creativity with lots of challenges and creative inspiration!
  • Putting internet safety for kids first

    The VIDIYO App lets kids live out their passion for music, through an immersive, positive and safe social experience. Users are kept fully anonymous, we pre-moderate all uploads and comments to block inappropriate content, and there’s even a parental dashboard to help you stay engaged with your kids’ activity online.
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Want to know what LEGO® VIDIYO™ feels like?

See first-hand how the App will help your kids turn ordinary bricks into extraordinary music videos, with our free, online experience!
  • 4 ways the LEGO VIDIYO app helps kids get creative

    Of course, there are limitless ways to be creative with VIDIYO… but here’s 4 to get us started. Beginning with the ‘Pause’ feature, which lets kids edit like the professionals. Freeze the entire digital world, change the camera angle (or even location) and begin the next cut for a seamless transition!
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