What would a child’s New Year’s resolutions look like...?

A new year is upon us, bringing with it the hope of New Year’s resolutions – that shining moment of the year when we’re committed to self-improvement. A moment that’s only slightly dimmed when we fail all of our resolutions sometime in the second week of January.

It’s the thought that counts. Kind of.

But it got us thinking, here at LEGO® DUPLO®, as to what it would look like if toddlers set about completing some of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Would they fare any better than us?

Learn a new skill

Toddlers definitely have us grown-ups on this front. While we attempt to keep a sourdough starter alive for literally ONE week, preschoolers set about learning dozens of new skills every single day.

Every new number they count to, every letter of the alphabet mastered, every new friend they make.

In the first 3 years of life, kids form a million brain connections every second as they make sense of the world around them. Science suggests that the brain connections that stick are those supported by active joyful experiences. In other words, having fun is one of the most powerful ways we can learn new skills.

This is important for what we do, because – as a toy company— we’re kind of in the business of joyful experiences! That’s why all of our LEGO DUPLO sets emphasize Learning Through Play, developing a crucial variety of emotional, physical, cognitive, social and creative skills, all while having fun.

So regarding that New Year’s Resolution of learning a new skill, even if you do manage to eventually memorize those piano arpeggios, you aren’t catching up to your little one’s progress.

Toddlers 1 - 0 Grownups

Meet new friends

Okay, so this isn’t looking good for grownups…

Toddlers are adorable and everyone wants to meet them. These are facts. At any family gathering, they’ll be handed around like the most adorable chubby-cheeked present you’ve ever seen.

This is before we even consider preschool, playdates and kindergarten where they’ll make their first friendships with kids their own age.

But we also know that this is the time when their imaginations begin kicking into a higher gear. Research suggests that young kids use creative thinking as a way of contextualizing new information and changes in their life.

So all characters they meet along the way – including imaginary ones— are actually a really useful resource to them as they get to grips with the world. It’s why we always pack plenty of fun characters into our sets, from cute LEGO DUPLO figures to Spider-Man himself…

Toddlers 2 – 0 Grownups

Travel more

Surely we’ve got them on this one? There’s no way we can lose a travel challenge to people still crawling… right?

But then again, it depends on what we mean by ‘travel’. No journey could be as rewarding as your child taking their first steps. And even if they are traveling more across playgrounds than airports, physically active play helps them grow stronger and is linked to academic progress later on. That’s why our sets are designed to get them up and actively exploring the world around them.

Yikes. Not sure that “wine tour” vaycay broadened horizons in quite the same way…

Toddlers 3 – Grownups ½ (we get half a point because airports are stressful, go away)

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