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Wild Animals of the World


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a button or coin battery.
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Discover wildlife from all 7 continents!

This globe-trotting wildlife playset is filled with animals, environments and sounds from around the world.

A world of wildlife

Meet Asian pandas, African lions, European deer, South American alpaca, North American bear, Australian koala and lots more!

Wild Animals of the World

22 animals on 7 continents

Take your preschooler on a wildlife tour of the world.

Listen and learn

A sound brick plays realistic noises and animal sounds.

Playmat map of the world

Travel across the globe using the printed, foldable playmat.

A rewarding building experience

As kids build and play with animals in their natural habitat, they learn the joy of construction and hands-on creativity.

A play-and-display treat for kids

With 22 animals and a variety of vegetation, this fun-packed playset also looks great on display.
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