Why Seinfeld fans will love our new LEGO® Ideas set of Jerry’s apartment

Why Seinfeld fans will love our new LEGO® Ideas set of Jerry’s apartment 

FOR SALE! Jerry Seinfeld’s fully-furnished Upper West Side New York apartment…in LEGO® bricks.

Ever wanted to own some prime real estate in New York City? Well, we have the apartment for you! This 1,326-brick-count, 33 x 18 cm, celebrity-owned, bijou studio may be somewhat 90’s in its décor, but it is jam-packed with details that will remind you of all the laughs you had watching the most popular, most award-winning American comedy series of all time.

That’s right. Our new LEGO Ideas set is a recreation of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment, the meeting ground for him, his friends and…Newman. Co-created by the talented fan designer Brent Waller alongside our LEGO Ideas design team.

The model is, in fact, a LEGO set of the set in which the show was filmed, so there’s a whole meta-story going on too, and the design team have packed it with as many authentic details as they could to remind you of all the absurd, unsentimental, amoral, brilliant moments from the show.

Here are just some of the specs of this modest but also historic Upper West Side retreat.

Captivating Living Room

Make a Kramer-style entrance directly into the cozy and well-appointed living room and enjoy a seat on the ultra-comfy couch with friends George, Elaine and Kramer and even comedy nemesis Newman, if you so desire…

Fun fact/Seinfeld legend: The furniture on the Seinfeld set was in fact very hard and uncomfortable because that helped the actors avoid doing awkward transitions from sitting to standing. Is this the couch that Seinfeld gave to Elaine and then took back after Poppie peed on his new one (episode: ‘The Couch’)? That’s for you to decide. While you’re there, you can (pretend to) enjoy watching the cult film ‘Prognosis Negative’ on video tape.

The living room is artfully furnished with a superb painting of Uncle Leo and Irving’s legendary statue, as recovered by Kramer and then, once again, broken by George. Experience “12,000 BTUs of raw, cooling power” from the Kramer-installed Commando 8 air conditioning unit. Also included in the stunning décor is a dazzling Festivus pole so that you can celebrate this Costanza anti-holiday, air your grievances, perform feats of strength and celebrate non-consumerism.

Cozy Eat-in Kitchen

This incredibly detailed space-saving kitchen is fully equipped with a built-in counter and all the appliances one needs, including a fridge with a Superman™ magnet, microwave and oven. Here, our friend Cosmo Kramer used the sink for well, many things including running a hose to his apartment to clean his vegetables while he lived in his shower.

A highly desirable space, the kitchen has the kind of welcoming atmosphere that will encourage your friends to make themselves at home with your drinks and snacks, including a muffin top.

Fully Equipped Home Office

Floor plan

Working from home will be easy because included in this prime real estate is a tiny corner office area, aka, the alcove, with a fashionably retro computer.

Friendly Neighbors

You’ll meet plenty of local characters in the vicinity of this pad including George Costanza and his magnificent cranium. He comes armed with fishing rod and rye bread. Cosmo Kramer brings salty snacks galore including suitcase crackers and a giant pretzel (“These pretzels are making me…” – you know the line).

The minifigures that come with the set each have their own prop.

Also meet Elaine Benes and her doomed goldfish in a bag, and…annoying neighbor Newman. Please marvel at Jerry’s brilliant mullet wig.

Award-winning Local Entertainment

There’s plenty of vibrant nightlife located within finger-walking distance of Seinfeld’s centrally located bachelor pad, and by that we mean Jerry’s stand-up stage where you can practice your dry wit, wise cracks and ‘Sein Language’.

Available Now!

For Seinfeld fans, this charming property has endless opportunities and is not to be missed, yada, yada, yada. So Giddy-Up and get your man hands on this impeccable nostalgic oasis of fun while still available.

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