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LEGO® DOTS Bracelets: Wear your creativity

With LEGO® DOTS wearable arts and crafts, you can create personalized children’s bracelets for girls, bracelets for boys… bracelets for anyone! Kids can customize their wristbands whichever way they want, over and over again, to make cool charm bracelets with friends, or just simply to look awesome.

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Children’s bracelets for girls and boys

Our selection of kids’ bracelets is wide, diverse and ever-growing, meaning there are bracelets for boys and girls of all ages and interests! Perfect for creative kids who love their arts and crafts!

Animal-themed Bracelets

Know a vet in the making? Inspire their creativity through their passion, with these fun animal crafts! Watch them replicate the patterns of nature (or create entirely new ones) with these animal-focused, personalized children’s bracelets for boys and for girls.

Fun bracelets for girls and boys

From Mermaids, to Monsters, to Ice Cream, check out our funky DOTS collection of themed children’s bracelets!

Discover the kids’ Bracelet Mega Pack!

With nearly 300 LEGO® DOTS tiles, and five(!) children’s bracelets, this is the perfect set for girls and boys looking to make personalized friendship bracelets with their loved ones!

Why LEGO® DOTS Bracelets?

The rules are different with toy jewelry… Like all LEGO DOTS sets, these kids’ bracelets are all about self-expression. There’s no right or wrong way to wear or personalize the bracelets. You can change your look at any time, for any reason! All it has to be, is yours.