11001 Bricks and Ideas | Building instructions | LEGO Classic

Building Instructions - 11001 LEGO® Bricks and Ideas

Create a classic steam train, cozy house, cool music keyboard, cute red dinosaur or whatever toy you can imagine, with the brightly colored LEGO® Classic Bricks and Ideas set—the possibilities are endless! Just dream it, build it and play it with LEGO Classic building sets!

Musical Keyboard

Got a little rock star at home? This toy musical keyboard won’t actually play music, but it’ll be the perfect addition to any kid’s fantasy stadium tour. Putting it together is easy with these free downloadable instructions and elements from your 11001 LEGO® Classic Bricks and Ideas set. Perfect for soloists, duets, and big pretend bands. No musical training needed – just their wild imagination!

Steam Train

Where are we going today? This steam train will take your children anywhere they want. Get free and easy building instructions right here, gather your kids around the 11001 LEGO® Classic Bricks and Ideas set… and just keep building towns, bridges, tracks, and anything they can imagine for the best train ride of their lives! In the land of creativity, the journey never ends.

Red Dino

Roar! Cloning was all the rage in the 1990s, but these days kids can just make their very own red dinosaur with bricks and elements from the 11001 LEGO® Classic Bricks and Ideas set. Help them get started with our free instructions and watch them work their way up to building an entire dinosaur kingdom! This mean little fella doesn’t bite… unless they want it to.


This yellow house is a great and easy start into the build-and-play world of LEGO® Classic. Get the free building instructions right here and help your kids construct it with pieces from the 11001 LEGO Classic Bricks and Ideas set. Make it a beach house, a country house, or a year-round home in the big city, with a garden for playing when the sun is out and a chimney to keep you warm in winter. Home, sweet home!