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Welcome to LEGO® Classic – a world of creative play

LEGO® Classic playsets are bursting with inspiration and building ideas that help children unlock their creative potential. The colorful building pieces come in a great variety of shapes and sizes for constructing all kinds of LEGO toys, while simple building guides for fun models help kick-start kids’ creativity. Choose from a wide range of exciting building sets to discover the infinite versatility of the LEGO brick.

Helping kids develop key life skills

LEGO® Classic building sets put ideas and inspiration into kids’ hands with exciting models that stimulate unlimited, open-ended play. As they discover the joy of constructing their own LEGO toys, children develop creative and fine motor skills that last them a lifetime. Learning has never been so much fun!

Put imagination in the driving seat

Kids can enjoy open-ended creativity with LEGO® Classic building toys. Children innovate and discover as they find new and imaginative ways to create exciting LEGO animals, buildings and objects. And with LEGO bricks, wheels, doors, windows, hinges, eyes and pieces in all kinds of shapes and sizes to choose from, they really do get to create whatever they can imagine!

Get creative with your favorite LEGO® builder

LEGO® Classic playsets provide endless hours of creative activity for kids, friends and families. A great way to build fun toys and fond memories. Enjoy some quality time with your favorite LEGO builder!

A gift that keeps on giving

The creative fun never ends with LEGO® Classic playsets. Ideal for kids aged 4 and up, these inspiring building toys make an impressive gift for any occasion. And with a wide range of playsets available, bursting with all kinds of LEGO bricks and pieces, there’s a whole universe of creativity for kids to explore!

Building toys for youngsters and preschoolers

Boys and girls aged 4 and up can enjoy endless hours of hands-on play with LEGO® Classic playsets. And with easy-to-follow building instructions included with every set, even first-time builders can experience the pride of constructing their own LEGO toys.
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Dive into a treasure chest of LEGO® pieces

LEGO® Classic sets are bursting with LEGO building bricks and pieces in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes. Choose from a wide range of inspiring playsets with wheels, eyes, windows and much more, and discover a hive of inspiration for your own unique creations.