LEGO® City Missions: A Brand-New Way to Play

It’s time for kids to tear up the rule book, leave behind instructions and shape their LEGO adventures like never before!

Make LEGO Space for fun

Laser? Pneumatic hammer? Turkey drumstick? Travel to Mars and explore LEGO City Space in ways only a child’s imagination could come up with…

Rethink the possibilities

Find out what makes our latest innovative innovation quite so… innovative…

How does it work?


Unlike normal LEGO play, kids follow a digital story, rather than instructions.


Download the free LEGO® Builder app to begin!


Follow along, using LEGO bricks to tackle challenges.


Build and rebuild as they complete the story!

Build with story, not instructions

Kids play the lead role in specially designed digital adventure stories, unique to each Missions set!

When it comes to rocket ships…

… sometimes it’s important for us at the LEGO Group to take a step back, and let experts like your kids show us how it’s done…

Accept the challenge on the LEGO® Builder app

Choose your stories, get stuck into missions and find help and guidance.

Psst… We’ve rebranded the LEGO Building Instructions app to become the LEGO Builder app!

Solve crime, one speedboat at a time

Question: What’s better than a classic detective crime story? Answer: A classic detective crime story on water...

Crime-fighting awaits!

Solve missions in a fully customizable LEGO police boat! Be taken on adventures that will take you underwater, on the water and, like, waaaaay above water…

Your child to the rescue!

Strap into high-octane, danger-flirting, occasionally-cuddly LEGO wildlife rescue missions!

There’s no wrong way to rescue

Fire-spewing exhausts? Bulldozer scoops? Flying cars? Whatever these animal playset missions require of your kids, they’ll find their own answer!
Let’s go