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The Pets of BrickHeadz™

It seems almost like cheating when we take the adorable look and feel of BrickHeadz™ and combine it with the cutest pets in existence. But we’re not complaining… (and you’re not either, are you?)

  • Spot the Difference

    Dalmatian (40479)

    Let’s see here… they both have red collars… both have spots… they’ve both stolen our hearts… hey, this spot-the-difference business is harder than it looks!
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  • That’s it. That’s the Tweet.

    Cockatiel (40481)

    Who’s that perched up there? Why, it’s only two of the most gorgeous birds immortalized in BrickHeadz™ form!
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  • Here, kitty, kitty

    Shorthair cats (40441)

    Yes, we know you can never really ‘own’ a cat. It’s always the cat that owns you. But… and hear us out here… you technically can own these cats.
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  • What a cheeky pair

    Hamster (40482)

    These elegantly constructed, collectible figurines make the perfect addition to… wait… hold on… are you seeing what we’re seeing?
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  • There’s something fishy going on here…

    Goldfish (40442)

    They say that goldfish have a memory of 3 seconds. Which seems like a bit of an exaggeration. We actually know an interesting fact about goldfish – swipe right to see it.
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  • Who’s a good dog?

    German Shepherd (40440)

    After extensive research, conducted under the most scientifically stringent conditions imaginable, the LEGO Group can officially confirm that these are the good dogs.
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  • Fly, my pretties

    Budgie (40443)

    Fans of birds, animals, pets or wooden bird perches (a bit niche, that last one) will flock to these two budgie collectibles!
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