The Story Behind LEGO® Architecture

An adventurous range of buildable models, LEGO® Architecture has been on a journey to see the world’s most incredible man-made sights since 2008. Yet as much as LEGO Architecture is about traveling, it’s also about standing still. It’s about recapturing those carefree LEGO hours of childhood. It’s about a tangible reminder of an unforgettable trip or place you once called home.

Bucket List Places

Recreate and explore the destinations that shape your life,
whether it’s an unforgettable trip, a dream vacation, or the city
you once called home.

Designed for Display

Much more than just a photo. Put your unique LEGO keepsake
on show and be transported every time you admire the view.

Time to Escape

Longing to get away from the day-to-day? Travel back to those
carefree LEGO hours of childhood, as you lose yourself in a
beautiful building.

Our History and Journey So Far

Where, then, is home for LEGO® Architecture? Chicago, Illinois. It was here that architect Adam Reed Tucker began using LEGO bricks to recreate iconic Windy City landmarks. The LEGO Group saw his work, and together they drew up the blueprint for an exciting new collection of LEGO sets for adults.

The First Brick Laid

The debut sets, released in 2008, were of two Chicagoan classics: Willis Tower™, and John Hancock Center. Next up was NYC's Empire State Building, followed by Seattle's Space Needle. The first overseas was made in 2011; to Dubai's Burj Khalifa. And LEGO Architecture has barely been home since, taking in Italy, Japan, Germany, and beyond

A Road Less Traveled?

LEGO Architecture isn’t the first time LEGO bricks and the architectural world have met, however. Fans who build with LEGO elements are naturally interested in form and function, while professionals – such as the UK’s Owen Luder Partnership, and Canadian-Israeli architect Moshe Safdie – have famously used LEGO bricks to showcase ideas. In the 1960s, the Scale Model line was launched, to aid the growing number of people designing their own homes.

Back To The Future

So where’s next on the map? Well, as the world shrinks and design continues to expand, there’s always somewhere new to be inspired by. Come along for the ride by checking out the complete LEGO Architecture collection.

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