Sea Animals

LEGO® Sea Animals Toys and Figures

Try not to smile when you look a dolphin in the eye and hear its cackling, or when you watch a giant sea turtle gliding through the water! We know, it’s impossible – there’s just something about sea animals that makes us happy. And our toy versions are practically jumping out of their boxes to play. What better way to get your kids excited about the oceans and all life inside it? From seals to sharks, find them all here.

LEGO® Friends team up with National Geographic Kids

LEGO® Friends are proud to work with National Geographic Kids and give kids a tour of our amazing underwater world. Your child can build and play with four creative sets based on real-life sea rescue challenges. Each set comes with toy figures of rare and endangered animals. Look for lots of articles and fun facts about sea life and habitats, quizzes, and creative challenges on the free LEGO Life app. You can even make a pledge together to care for our oceans and all sea life.

Turtle toys for (almost) any age

Sea turtles can live for more than 150 years. These toy turtle sets, however, are mostly for kids under the age of 150.

Start a toy dolphin family

Find all sets here. (Dolphin communication dictionary not included.)

Diving with sharks the safe way

Are toy sharks dangerous? Put on your ring mail armor and check these sets for yourself.

Save the toy whales

Geez, do we have some killer whale sets for you…

Green Planet

Did you know that some of our plastic bricks are made from plants? Find out all about our planet promise and sustainability pledges.

Kids + water = MAGIC

What is the ocean? Why can’t whales walk on land? Is your kid curious about life under the sea, too? Well, who isn’t? Sea animals live in a mysterious world we can never visit for very long at a time. Some marine life looks so alien it’s hard to believe we share the same planet. Some look like they would make soft, squishy pets, so why, oh WHYYY can’t your child have an octopus in their room??

What if you really could live with these animals in the ocean? From tiny crabs you can catch with a stick and a string, to dolphins, sea lions, and giant whales… Kids will love to play out their own daring sea rescue adventures, dive with toy submarines to explore the ocean floor, and care for all life-like (or alien or imaginary) sea creatures great and small.

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