Farm Animals

LEGO® Farm Animal Toys and Figures

What should you wear when you’re riding a horse? Who feeds the rabbits and chickens? LEGO® farm animals love when kids take them out to play! Put on your pretend overalls and rubber boots, roll up your sleeves, and fill your young farmer’s stables with toy horses, cows, chickens and all the other farm animals. Find the perfect farm animal gift right here.
Rebuild worlds filled with infinite possibilities.

Not sure how to raise chickens? No problem!

Oh, the anticipation and excitement of finding a newly laid egg in the warm and cozy nests – just in time for breakfast. It’s fun for kids to imagine the thrill of setting up their own chicken farm coop and being responsible for live animals. Tips: keep them warm, safe, and well-fed with corn. (That goes for your kids, too, of course.)

What do pigs eat?

Good question – and one among many your child is guaranteed to ask you while playing with their toy farm animals! Pigs are not picky eaters. They will happily dig up earthworms, vegetables, and roots, devour a flower or two, and some even enjoy insects and small fish, too. Bon appetite!

How old do kids have to be to take care of a horse?

If we’re talking about toy horses, not very old. Just because a toy horse is small and relatively risk-free to pretend-ride, kids can still learn to respect what it requires to be around and care for large animals. They can practice grooming, feeding, and of course how to keep the horse and themselves safe while riding outside in nature.

Horse-riding Fun with LEGO® Friends

The LEGO® Friends characters love taking care of their horses and other farm animals in Heartlake City. Find the latest sets here.

Farm Fun for Your Little One

LEGO® DUPLO® farm animals come in lots of different sets with fun, easy and age-appropriate build and play experiences for your baby or toddler.

What can kids learn from playing with farm animal toys?

Even though they only speak in pretend-oinks, baas, moos and cluck-clucks, LEGO® farm animals can teach your baby, toddler, preschooler or older child a lot more than just animal sounds.

How do you take care of a horse, cow, pig or chicken every day? Where do they live? What do they like to do? And how can you best care for them? You can use these questions to spark your child’s imagination, creativity, compassion and nurturing instincts, not just with toy animals, but with other living beings around them as well. These LEGO farm animals come in sets with lots of inspiration for creative storytelling, humor and opportunities for your child to express themselves through the animals’ different personalities.

Put on your overalls, chew on a straw, find the perfect set, and enjoy country life with your kids.

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