Travel & History LEGO® Sets for Adults

Travel & History LEGO® Sets for Adults

From global landmarks to iconic city skylines, these models recreate architectural and cultural masterpieces in stunning detail. Satisfying to create, beautiful to display.

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World Wonder

There’s been a lot of changes in the last 4,500 years. Boats have become bigger. Cats are less frequently revered as gods. Post-it notes now exist. (There are probably more but we can’t remember them right now.)

One thing that’s remained, however, is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Travel back in time

Visit Giza

.undefined.null.Recreate the oldest of the Ancient Wonders.

Discover construction secret
.undefined.null.Recreate the oldest of the Ancient Wonders.

Lift the lid on construction secrets

A history lesson AND a stunning display piece? Is there anything this set can’t do?!

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Travel round the globe, back in time, and between cities all from the comfort of your living room, only with these LEGO® Sets for Adults.

Around the world in 2,585 pieces

Engage in some mindful globalization, with our stunning rendition of our magnificent world.

Map it

With nearly 12,000 pieces (the most of any LEGO® set ever), this gorgeous World Map is perhaps the most impressive way to track your travels!

World of Wonders

Appreciate the elaborate architecture and meticulous detailing of India’s most iconic monument, the Taj Mahal!

Cabin Fever

Ever feel like getting away from it all? Relax into a build that’ll nestle you among the forest trees, from the comfort of your home.