Art, Interior Design & Music LEGO® Sets for Adults

Love Art? Music? Design? So do we! LEGO® Art Sets for Adults celebrate legends of Art, Design & Music from Elvis to Vincent van Gogh. These puzzles are the perfect way to relax and problem solve, all while adding a unique touch to your workspace or home decor.

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Making waves

Get ready to be swept up by our latest ingenious LEGO® Art masterpiece, inspired by one of the great pieces of Japanese art.

3D masterpiece

Ride the wave

.undefined.null.Celebrate an artistic gem.

.undefined.null.Celebrate an artistic gem.

Frame it

This all-in-one set includes a brick-built picture frame with a wall hook, helping you to hang your handiwork to take pride of place.

Enjoy the finer things in life

Fine art, finer design, mighty fine… rock n’ roll… Enjoy LEGO® sets for adults who like to celebrate the things that make our lives so special.

Unwind in style

Escape to our stunningly designed cabin that puts the outdoors into interior design.

Light up creativity with BTS Dynamite

Bring the chart-topping phenomenon into your hands!

Flower power

When it comes to inspirational design, sometimes you just have to let nature take over…

Starry Night

Gaze into the details of this sparkling, Vincent van Gogh-inspired set.