The LEGO Group launches new story-style adventure to help families talk about online safety and privacy

An online adventure LEGO critter with a hat

Wednesday 18th August 2021: The LEGO Group has expanded its range of tools designed to help families have conversations about digital safety, privacy and wellbeing, after new research found only 1 in 6 parents said their child had confided in them when something bad happened online (1).

The LEGO Group’s ‘Build & Talk’ series helps parents and caregivers have meaningful conversations around challenging yet important online topics with children, aged seven to 11, in a language all children can understand, play. The latest activity pack focuses on two of the biggest concerns for parents when it comes to keeping their children safe online: privacy and safe sharing (2).

In the new story-style adventure, digital explorer and ‘creaturologist’ Ida Switchditonandoff, takes families on a journey through the online world in search of an imaginary LEGO® creature who loves to share. As parents read out the story, children are inspired to have fun building their own ‘Oversharer’ with LEGO bricks. Parents can then use a number of simple talking points to start a conversation with their child about topics such as what makes a good password and how to keep personal data secure.

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Kathrine Kirk Muff, VP of Social Responsibility at the LEGO Group, said: '‘Children should be safe whether they play online or offline and we know that is a key concern for parents. This is why we are committed to creating safe digital play experiences and to providing families with age-appropriate tools that enable them to talk about digital safety, privacy and wellbeing topics in a fun and memorable way.”

“LEGO building provides a great medium for helping children learn about themselves and the world around them, and we believe the unique combination of storytelling and play in our new Build & Talk activity will help families speak more openly about the online worlds they are increasingly immersed in. We recognise the essential role that parents have in protecting the best interests of their child so want to support them in helping their children become responsible digital citizens with this fun, playful activity.”

The new online privacy and sharing Build & Talk activity pack has been developed in line with a digital competency framework pioneered by the LEGO Group’s partner, the DQ Institute, a world-leading think tank on digital citizenship and child online safety. It is the latest addition to a series of activity packs designed to help children learn vital digital literacy skills and explore the positive and negative aspects of life online.

Each pack encourages parents and children to build characters from LEGO bricks they have at home and use play and conversation prompts to talk about important digital safety topics such as cyberbullying and managing screen time.

The new activity pack can be downloaded free of charge along with the other Build &Talk activities at

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(1) According to Research conducted by the LEGO Group between 24 March 2021 to 14 April 2021 among 1,830 parents of children aged 1 - 12 in the UK, China, Germany and USA.

(2) According to Research conducted by the LEGO Group between 24 March 2021 to 14 April 2021 among 1,830 parents of children aged 1 - 12 in the UK, China, Germany and USA.

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