Environmental Leadership: The LEGO Group Scores an “A”

• CDP announcement
• The LEGO Group scores an “A”
• The results are based on 2015 achievements

On January 24th 2017, at an event in London, CDP launched its latest Supply Chain Report. In the report, the LEGO Group is recognised as an A-list company. The list exclusively includes companies awarded an ‘A’ score for their 2016 response to CDP’s supplier climate programme. This is the highest score possible and places the LEGO Group in a leadership position. More than 4,300 companies took part, and only 3% achieved and A-list score. Companies are scored ranging from A to D minus.

CDP is a non-profit organisation, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project. It works with companies and governments on disclosing information on climate change practices and CO2 emissions data. The detailed scoring methodology used is widely recognised as a measure of how climate friendly and open a company is.

“This benchmark of our environmental performance reflects the LEGO Group’s strong commitment to addressing climate change and willingness to disclose information on its activities. The result acknowledges our efforts to reduce not only our own footprint, but also that of our supply chain,” says Tim Brooks, Vice President for Environmental Responsibility and Sustainable Materials Centre.

2015 Sustainability Highlights
The score is based on 2015 achievements. In 2015, the LEGO Group demonstrated its commitment to act on environmental topics through a number of exciting initiatives.

• We announced an investment of 1 billion DKK in finding and implementing sustainable plastic materials to manufacture LEGO® elements as well as packaging materials by 2030.
• We started construction of a new factory in China with numerous climate friendly features like double the required amount of insulation, 100% LED lighting and electrical cars for on-site transportation etc.
• We delivered a 5% energy efficiency improvement, when compared to 2014, which was double our target.
• Our owners, KIRKBI A/S, invested in the Borkum Riffgrund I wind farm off the coast of Germany bringing us a big step closer to our goal of balancing our energy consumption with 100% renewable energy capacity by 2020.
While we are really happy with the result, we know there is always more to do and the bar is always being raised so we will work even harder this year to maintain and improve our performance,” Tim Brooks continues.

In 2016, we followed up on the 2015 achievements and invested – through KIRKBI A/S – in a second wind farm off the coast of Liverpool and announced an investment in 20,000 solar panels to be installed on the roof of our factory in Jiaxing, China

Tim Brooks with LEGO model of a solar panel
Read the full report here.