About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

Joy of building. Pride of creation

Play Promise

Our Play Promise is our promise to children and the adults in their life

Children are our primary focus
Children are our role models and most vital concern. Our primary focus for our play promise is children – equally boys and girl – aged 1,5-11 years who appreciate hands-on, minds-on activities like creative building and role playing. Children learn about themselves, others and the world through play. Childhood is a cherished time of fun and freedom, and an opportunity to develop skills like creativity and imagination.

We also recognize the importance of adults in children’s lives
When delivering on our play promise, we also recognize the importance adults in children’s lives (e.g. moms, dads, grandparents), who recognize their role in guiding children in a rapidly changing world. Parents around the world are unified by a desire to raise happy children and ensure they learn 21st century skills to help them adapt in a changing world and shape their lives happily.

Children and adults are coming closer together through play
So, children want to have fun and parents want to raise happy children. We believe these goals of fun and happiness respectively are very well connected. We also see that parents and children are coming closer together through play. Our promise to children and the adults in their lives is to deliver Joy of Building. Pride of Creation

The importance of our Play Promise
Children and the adults in their lives have high expectations to anything carrying the LEGO logo – whether this is products, events or digital experiences. We need to remind ourselves that the strength of the LEGO brand will not last forever if we do not continue to live up to our Play Promise and brand values.

The LEGO Play Promise helps set us apart from competition
Delivering on our Play Promise helps set us apart from competition. The LEGO Group faces increasing competition from new, strong and aggressive competitors who aggressively claim the LEGO brand value proposition thus we must be deliberate and aligned in building the LEGO brand so that it stands out clearly from competitors.

New markets and consumer segments
Our increased focus on new consumer segments and growth geographies, notably Asian markets and China, produces a growing share of consumers and families with no or limited awareness and affinity for the LEGO brand, products and experiences. In these emerging markets, it is important that we build the LEGO brand solidly by delivering strongly on our Play Promise.