About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

Positive impact

Planet Promise

Children are our role models. We have always been, and will always be, inspired by children to be the best we can.

Our values, heritage and culture – expressed through family ownership - has given us a long term perspective and a focus not only on current, but also on the future generations. Every day, our behaviors and actions should be responsible – otherwise why should we be trusted?

We believe that only the best is good enough. For this reason our approach is built on the idea of leaving a positive impact - not just on having less bad impact. If we no longer existed, our stakeholders in society should miss us!

Our Planet Promise guides us in how to keep earning our trusted position
Without a trusted position we cannot operate. It is not a choice - it is a premise for our success and ability to globalize the LEGO system-in-play. But this is something we need to earn, and it covers our impact on both the social, environmental and governance related agendas.

We have a privileged position, and our stakeholders hold us to high expectations.
To succeed, we must continue close dialogue with our stakeholders - and we must be better at sharing our ambitions, successes, and the lessons we learn. Our ambitions go beyond compliance

We set our aspiration levels high
We must ensure our presence makes a positive impact, and that we would be missed if we no longer existed. We must measure ourselves against the very best - and truly excel in the spaces where ’only the LEGO brand could do this’.

Where we have the potential to lead, we develop new standards and new ways of working for the benefit of children and society.

Our responsibility work is integrated in how we do business
Responsibility is a natural part of our day-to-day actions as well as the LEGO Strategy. We have embedded the ownership of the responsibility agenda across several CM areas, and our management’s incentives are tied to performance (through the Pinnacle KPI of corporate reputation).

We all have a part to play
Impact is about us all making a difference. Every action, even the smallest, has the power to build our position of trust. Therefore, we also need to be mindful of the risks we take, as every action also has the power to damage the trust our stakeholders put in us.