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Please note that the contact information on this page is intended for MEDIA AND PRESS only. For all other requests, please contact our Consumer Service

Media contacts

Global Corporate information:

Jonas Søndergård
Press Officer
E-mail: media@LEGO.com


LEGO brand and product information: 

Australia and New Zealand 
Leah Barbiran
PR, Partnerships & Events Manager, LEGO ANZ - Marketing
Phone: +61 2 94289641
E-mail: L.Barbiran(@LEGO.com


George Yang
Director Communications, Corporate Brand Communications
E-mail: George.Yang@LEGO.com


Contact presse:
Agence Hopscotch
Arthur Moyne +33 (0) 1 7094 6502
E-mail: amoyne@hopscotch.fr  

Joanne Benhaïm
+33 (0) 1 58 65 00 19
E-mail: Jbenhaim@hopscotch.fr

Contact partenariat:
LEGO France
Phone: +33 1 56 43 83 23
E-mail: Partenariat.media@LEGO.com

Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Technopark II
Werner-von-Siemens-Ring 14
D-85630 Grasbrunn
Phone: +49 (0)89 45 346 255
E-mail: Presse@LEGO.com

PR Agentur
Daniel Kreuscher
Phone.: +49 30 24 75 87-0
E-mail: LEGO@zucker-kommunikation.de

Bitte beachten Sie:
Wir bitten Sie um Verständnis, dass wir ausschließlich Presseanfragen beantworten können. Für alle andern Anfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an:

Magdalena Negrusz
PR Manager
E-mail: Magdalena.Negrusz@LEGO.com


HongIl Cha
PR & Events Manager
Phone: +82 2 6003 2700
E-mail: Hongil.Cha@LEGO.com

상기 연락처는 미디어 전용 연락처 입니다
한국 레고 고객 서비스 문의는 소비자 상담실을 이용해주세요
소비자상담실 연락처: 080-022-3780


Mette Damgaard
E-mail: contact.marketing.nordic@LEGO.com

For product donations, please contact LEGO Charity: http://www.legofoundation.com/newsroom/contact/contact-us/

Please note:
All e-mails should be written in English. We aim to reply all e-mails within 1-2 weeks.

Portugal and Spain

Isabel Perez Sanchez
PR & Events Manager, Marketing Iberia
E-mail: Isabel.Perez.Sanchez@LEGO.com

 (Russia, Central & Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa)
Andrea Faflíková
Regional Senior Brand Relations & Event Manager
Phone: +420 246 086 961
E-mail: Andrea.Faflikova@LEGO.com

UK and Ireland

Please contact: media@LEGO.com

United States, Canada and Mexico
Michael McNally
Senior Director, Brand Relations
Phone: +1-860-763-6731
E-mail: press@america.LEGO.com 

Please note:
Consumers in the U.S. and Canada, please contact 800-422-5346

For donations, please contact donations@america.LEGO.com