I’m a Senior Designer in the Creative Play Lab, currently based in Singapore. My work is all about innovating LEGO® play! I imagine what play could be like one, two even 10 years into the future.  After designing and prototyping new kinds of play experiences, it’s all about testing our designs. We bring them to the kids and they decide if they like our ideas. Again, and again, the process cycles, until we get it right, and the kids are happy!

Can you give an example of support or inspiration you’ve experienced in your career?  
I’ve been inspired by the pride care and effort many of my colleagues put into their work, when I’m feeling too busy and overwhelmed I think of the motto we have in the LEGO Group  “Only The Best Is Good Enough”. With that in mind, I infuse it into everything I do. 

What biases have you experienced in your career and how have you overcome them?  
 I am not conscious of having experienced biases in my professional life but working in a global company I’ve experienced issues with time zones that have led to me sometime feeling left out. Being vocal around issues and collaborating to solve them helps immensely.


What’s something you’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic you would have never expected and what advice would you share with other women?
During the COVID-19 pandemic I felt booted out of my comfort zone, it put a lot of thing into perspective. This unlikely situation made me want to better myself, made me do the things that I had long since pondered on but never acted on. The meaning of life, for me, was suddenly put through a two-way mirror. I needed purpose, and I needed to take action. Looking back, a year and more ago, I would never have thought that I would have accomplished all that I have for myself. Time is short, comfort zones are meant to be occasionally broken and risks are worth taking. Being brave to make changes, suddenly became the norm. 

What advice would you give to this generation of girls about how to achieve their goals?
 To all, not just this generation of girls: Go for it! Never be afraid to be ambitious. Never be afraid to go get what you want, while respecting yourself and the world around you. Inspire others by inspiring yourself first.