I am Senior Vice President heading up our Kladno manufacturing site with great pleasure.

Can you give an example of support or inspiration you’ve experienced in your career?
I don’t mind jumping into the deep when it comes to a new daunting role or task and I have been fortunate to have had the support of multiple leaders whose confidence made it a lot easier to jump. I am very inspired by leaders who dare to do things differently and stand for what they believe in. Courage is contagious!

What biases have you experienced in your career and how have you overcome them?
In my first job as port engineer I walked into the office on my first assignment abroad (Vietnam) and the conversation went something like this, in increasing levels of confusion: “Wait what? Whose wife is this?”, “Wait what?! She has a desk, but we already have a secretary.” “Wait what?!!! She’s our boss…” It does take patience and perseverance to overcome such bias. Being able to find some humour in situations like these definitely helps.


What’s something you’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic you would have never expected and what advice would you share with other women?
We can move mountains when faced with an urgent challenge. The speed at which we have rolled out some digital solutions for example, was beyond my expectations. I would encourage women (and men) to tap into this creative force to change situations that currently look set in stone.

What advice would you give to this generation of girls about how to achieve their goals?
If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, make them bigger!