I am not very well spoken. I cannot always get my thoughts and ideas across with words so I use visuals. Building with LEGO Bricks allow me to create things I am passionate about and then I can share them with my community. I can meet and engage with a diverse group of people who I otherwise may never get to meet.

How has building with LEGO bricks shaped you as a person
My family has always built together. It was a large part of our childhood and now that my siblings and I live in separate cities, it’s a large part of how we stay in touch. Having a shared hobby between us keeps us connected. We all have different strengths and interests so building with LEGO has been a great way for us each to bring our outside interest to a common hobby.

Can you give an example of support or inspiration you’ve experienced in your creative career?
I have made an effort to surround myself with positive and inclusive people. Often you hear people say “oh you are so lucky to work for such a supportive company” and, while luck certainly plays a part, we should never discount the choices that we make to build a supportive network around us. Not everyone is fortunate to have choices in jobs and career opportunities. Luck plays a big part in who we encounter in life but we make the choice on which of those people stay in our lives.


What biases have you experienced in your creative career and how have you overcome them?
I think the most common issue I face is having to prove myself where others may not. When I show up to a new work site, sometimes I am met with skepticism that I am capable of performing my job. (Not given the benefit of the doubt.)

What advice would you give to this generation of girls about how to achieve their goals?

  • Everyone you meet in life will know something that you don’t. Engage
    with them and find out what it is!
  • Confidence is not conflict! Don’t be afraid of being confident.
  • Don’t try to emulate someone you look up to…try to identify specific
    traits that make you respect them and adopt those traits. Nobody is
    perfect so looking up to specific characteristics allows you to stay
    true to yourself (and not be disappointed that your role model has
    flaws too.
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