Meet the fan who built cute fast food stands!

Soft drinks, chips or burgers? What’s your favourite fast food indulgence? This genius array of fast food stand diners was designed by AFOL Kale Frost from Australia. Discover his other delicious creations and more in the video. Kale’s favourite LEGO element? The minifigure. No question. What I love most about the hobby is creating small worlds. Telling stories. Creating art really. Especially with photography. And the humble minifigure is the jumping off point that makes that possible. Kale’s hobbies? I love LEGO, naturally. I'm a huge pop-culture geek. And I love photography. One of my favourite things to do is to bring those three together. Three years ago I started a LEGO365 project doing that. A photo of LEGO a day, every day, for a year. Which is a lot of fun. The Food Stands started as part of that. I took a shot featuring the Fries Stand that really captured people's imagination and was shared on many LEGO blogs, including The Brothers Brick.

Seje ting!