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Great printables for a super hero party

Great printables for a super hero party

If your kids and their friends are training to become super heroes,  you can turn a birthday party, a play date, or just a rainy Saturday morning into fun super hero role play with a few easy steps.

Download these free LEGO® DUPLO® Batman™, Catwoman and LEGO® DUPLO® Superman™ masks, silhouettes, party banner flags and visual effects. Then print, cut out, and BAM! KA-POW! You’re in Gotham City or Metropolis! If you want to use them for a super hero themed birthday party, the masks can be used as invitations and fast, fun and easy party favors all in one. Just add a string or rubber band to the masks and the guests can wear at the party!

Want to add building activities? Find building ideas for your super hero here.

(These party accessories are designed for grown-up hands to cut out. We know how eager young super heroes are to help, but please always use caution and make sure they’re safe with scissors and other craft tools.)