Beklager! Siden her er endnu ikke oversat til dansk.

Ready, set…sail!

Ready, set…sail!

Ahoy, sailors! Summer is always high season for boat fun. Regardless of the weather! Anything kids find, like sticks, leaves, newspapers, flip-flops, their favorite toys – even mom’s sunglasses – can be turned into a luxury cruise liner, fishing boat, sailing boat, barge, Viking ship, speed boat, or a canoe. Whether it’s in a bucket of water, a puddle, a paddle pool or the tub, it’s fun to experiment with how (and if!) objects float and move on water. How fast will it go if you blow, wave a fan, or maybe find other ways to make the wind fill the sails?

Our designers have created a download with fun sails you can print and cut out for your young captains to color and put on their fine vessels. Soon they’ll be ready to sail off into the sunset and explore the wonders of the eight seas. (Sorry, adults are only allowed on seven of them. Unless they are accompanied by a child.)

We used the 10526 Peter Pan’s Visit, 10539 Beach Racing, 10591 Fire Boat, 10567 Toddler Build and Boat Fun and 10599 Batman Adventure sets as a showroom for these boats, characters and special-made sails. You don’t need any experience with sail trim or an International Certificate of Competence to navigate in these here waters. But if you have a life jacket, you should definitely put it on, just to make the experience a little more authentic.

You can download your free printable sails here, and let your kids color some of the sails themselves.