Say Hej to LEGO® Customer Service Team Berlin

In our recent event, we said hej to some of the awesome people in our newly built Berlin Customer Service team. From discussing the brand-new office to why they love working at the LEGO Group as part of the Global Customer Service team, we spoke with our colleagues to find out what working here is really like. Every day is different, and with the opportunity to make a new customer smile daily, this team provides top quality services to our biggest builders around the world.

The best part? This team is brand-new and growing, meaning there’s still plenty of opportunities to be filled. Here’s some of their top tips and why they love working here.

Hello from Rüdiger 👋

“The best part about my job is that there is no day like another, honestly, and that we can really create something amazing. We’re a part of the whole LEGO Group, but we are the Berlin team. To be like a start-up, but also have the LEGO Group as a back-up, means we have all of the resources, support and training firmly in place for our people.”

Hej from Ernesto 👋

“I think the best part of training was meeting the people and understanding the culture. Our mentors really helped to cement that, and show how we should be advisors, but more than that, be brand ambassadors. It’s important. We’re also never alone, we’re always given the tools that we need to grow.”

Hola and Hallo from Kevin 👋

“Being a fan of LEGO® products definitely helps. Lots of my team are always talking about when we see a new set is being released, and then we are all really excited. We all want to buy them, and we love talking about them all day. We’re all big LEGO fans.”

Hallo from Louisa👋

I’m also one of the hiring team, so what I’m looking for in people is that they’re really open, and are really engaged. They want to give the best customer experience that is possible, because that’s at the core of everything that is done here at the LEGO Group.”
If you’d like to watch the recording of our event, click on the link above. And if you’d like to join Rüdiger, Ernesto, Kevin and Louisa, explore our awesome opportunities here.
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