If you keep looking, there’s always more to discover. Meet Brand Engagement Manager, Jane.

Jane has covered a lot of ground in her 11 years with us. Today, she’s a Brand Engagement Manager in our Global Marketing Team. But as we’re about to find out, every role and project has been an education in itself.

“I’ve worn quite a few different hats over time but I started out as a Community Manager. I think this is where my interest in brand engagement and compliance began. As a legacy employee, I have a good understanding of the business as a whole and a great connection to the LEGO Group.

“Being part of this larger organisation gives us a lot of opportunities. Our target market may be different in education but we still benefit from the overall creative processes. Imagine you have a favourite LEGO set, one that's not just fun to build, but also helps you learn something cool, like math or science. I guess that’s the key difference.”

LEGO Education colleagues

So, what can you tell us about your day-to-day role? How would you bring this to life?

“I'm part of an amazing team. We are here to build the LEGO Education brand to its full potential. In order to do that, we need to shift everyone’s mindset from defining the brand as a set of guidelines to being the brand as a community together.

“Right now, I’m working on contributing to our organisational cohesion and team effectiveness by driving the development of a shared brand culture and accountability.

My role is a truly cross-functional role and requires a particularly strong Emotional Intelligence and a genuine drive to enable others.

“I build and facilitate the onboarding module for new colleagues from a brand perspective, ensuring everyone is provided with the right knowledge about the brand, our ways of working, and operational eco system to set them up for success. This is an important aspect of the overall company culture building that I will drive as an ongoing engagement program and activities. Because brands are made by people this program is build on our brand character “The Curious Connector”.

LEGO Education colleagues

So after all this time, we’re interested to know what keeps Jane inspired and what’s next on the horizon:

“Well, one thing that comes immediately to mind is our annual PLAYDAY. This is always an energy booster. Secondly, engaging with teachers and students at events and/or in classrooms always gives us some fascinating insights into our end users and what kind of wins and struggles they go through using our products.

As for what the future holds, I’d like to pursue my innovative and creative development. This means I get to engage with colleagues from different teams and backgrounds. It’s always refreshing to find new ways of working.

“Finally, one of the biggest milestones for us this year is to start building a culture based on our brand values. I can't wait to experience the impact of that.”

One final question we must ask is what makes Jane proudest:

“I'm proud of being part of a unique team of educators and innovators that build hands-on learning experiences that engage and excite students. Bringing Learning Through Play to the classroom makes me believe that education really can change the world when learning is fun and impactful. Collaboration is crucial. Whether it’s work or play. What’s the difference? Let’s build and learn together.”

LEGO Education colleagues

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